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NOTICE: New owners, new name, same great products for your shooting needs. Our new website should be online by mid-November 2019, but until then please call or email at the contact info at the bottom of the page.

Bandit Shooting Supplies
We first began making wax bullets for ourselves and friends because of the lack of a quality product on the market. People immediately recognized the quality of our product and demanded more. We continue to expand our product offerings. Our products are in use by members of SASS, Cowboy Fast Draw, World Fast Draw, Cowboy Mounted Shooters, and many other sport and practice uses. Our product line includes blanks, brass, reloading supplies and continues to grow. Try our products and you will discover a clean, non toxic, and inexpensive way to enjoy shooting even more.

Wax Bullets
Wax Bullets

Our wax bullets are approved for Cowboy Fast Draw, World Fast Draw and SASS competition. They are available in .45, .38, .32, .30 and .25 caliber, and were used for the first ever SASS indoor shoot at the SASS convention in Las Vegas in December, 2006. They are approved for SASS wax shoots and are much more economical than lead bullets and can be used indoors or out without the concerns with lead bullets, in regards to toxicity, environment and the range of the shot.
Click here for 2006 SASS Indoor Shoot picture

Price: $12.00 for 500 .25, .30, .32, .38 or .45 caliber bullets

Wax bullet shells
Shells for Wax Bullets

Factory .45 or .38 caliber shells with enlarged primer pocket for drop in 209 shotshell primers.

Price: $34.00 per box of 50 shells (.45 or .38)

Note: Due to brass shortages, orders including shells may be delayed, and will be shipped as soon as possible.

Chief Firewater Wax Bullet Cleaner
Chief Firewater Gun Cleaner for Wax Bullets

This gun cleaner safely melts wax residue from barrels, cylinders and actions. Cleans black powder and gun powder residue, grease, oils adhesives, resins, tars and dirt. This cleaner comes in an easy to use 8 ounce flip top bottle, and as a bonus it also has a nice smell!

Price: $12.00

Rio 209 Shotshell Primers
Rio Primers - 209 Shotshell

These have become the primer of choice when shooting wax bullets due to the consistency and greatly reduced chance of back-out.

Price: $192 per case or 5000 primers, plus $25 Hazmat fee, for a total of $217. Prices subject to change without notice.

Please use the contact information at the bottom of the page to place your order for 209 primers, as we are not able to process primer order online.

  Reloading Supplies

Reloading supplies available. Brass, Rio primers, powder, wax bullets, all popular calibers.

Contact us for pricing

  Additional Information
  • Volume Shipping Prices: Please contact us for shipping quote for order over 25 in total quantity.
  • International Shipping Unavailable: Sorry, but we can not ship outside the USA.
  • Privacy Policy: We do not share our customers information with anyone. All information is kept private.
  • Return Policy: Satisfaction is guaranteed, and full product refunds will be issued for returned products.
  • Dealers welcome. Contact us for pricing.

Kodiak Kid
I use Bandit Wax Bullets exclusively for all my practice and Club Competition Shoots. I also believe that my accuracy is better and cleaning of my guns is easier when using Bandit Wax.

Kodiak, Cowboy Fast Draw Association, 2012 Fastest Gun Alive
World Champion and former CFDA Fastest Time World Record Holder with a time of .311 of a second

Ordering, Shipping & Contact Information

Until our new website is online in mid-November please contact us directly with your order details. If e-mailing, please make sure to include items you want to order, quantities, and your contact and shipping information. All shipping is done through the USPS.
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